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Join the teenage X-Men as they try to fit in at High School and learn to control their special abilities. Unfortunately the Brotherhood will make sure that they don't have an easy time of it. And as if that wasn't enough to keep them busy there's Magneto who is determined to start a war with humanity.

All this and homework too. This is the dawn of the X-Men.

News and Updates

Beyond Evolution is your destination for the most up-to-date X-Men: Evolution news.

Saturday, January 31
Evolution not returning to KidsWB?

The rumour is going around that Evolution has in fact been cancelled. No official announcement yet and at this point I'm not sure if there will be one or not, but according to other websites "inside sources" have said that the show will not be returning to the KidsWB for a fifth season.

Meri has finished the new Strategy X screenshots and they're available in the gallery. Also we have up Maz's "Feuer Frei" music video in the clips section.

- posted by Denaill | 4:07:00 PM

Wednesday, January 28
More Avatars

Lots of (44 to be exact) avatars have been added to the Avatars section. Hope you enjoy them! Expect to see even more in the near future. Also, don't forget to check out the new Fashion Guide, if you haven't done so yet!

- posted by Meri | 11:28:00 AM

Monday, January 26
New Section - Fashion Guide

We're happy to announce a brand new section here at Beyond Evolution, the Fashion Guide! Here, you can find a gathering of all of the uniforms, outfits, and miscellaneous clothes worn by all of the main characters. Trust me, they have a lot more outfits than you might think! We hope you enjoy this fun section. Hopefully, we can add more characters to the guide, soon.

Stay tuned for the addition of another new section coming soon, as well!

- posted by Meri | 11:11:00 AM

Sunday, January 25
New Email

Okay, basically Lycos email has gone down AGAIN, and I can't get to any of my email. I can not begin to tell you how ticked I am with Lycos right now!

I've had nothing but trouble from them lately and I'm switching servers. If anyone needs to get in touch with me please use this new email address...



- posted by Denaill | 1:31:00 PM

Thursday, January 22

I've got a few avatars up, more to come soon. Please remember to download them if you'd like to use them, please don't direct link to the images.

I've been cleaning out all of my old files, discs, etc. and I found a copy of what I'm pretty sure was the first ever layout for Beyond. I can't believe I found it, as some of you might know I had a major pc crash and lost almost all of my files around 4 months ago. I've added a screencap beneath the Navigation if anyone wants to check it out. I can't believe how far the site has come since then.

- posted by Denaill | 11:23:00 PM

Wednesday, January 21
Comics Guides 1-4 Finished, New Fanart, Humour, and Wallpaper added!

We've got up the guides for the X-Men Evolution comics #1-4. Thanks so much to Nikko! Good luck on your exams Nikko!

I've been working on getting my email cleared out, so lots of new additions! There are three new comics strips by Derek in the humour section, one new wallpaper by YTAG, and two new fanart images from Spider X!

By Spider-X By Spider-X By YTAG

- posted by Denaill | 1:53:00 PM

Tuesday, January 20
More Screenshots

Screenshots for "Walk On The Wild Side", "Shadow Dance" and "HeX Factor" have been added to the Image Gallery.

- posted by Kataclysm | 7:33:00 PM


Brand new Shadowcat wallpaper by our very own Tate!
1024 x 768, be sure to check it out!

Also, I do have some more fanart and email to clear out. I'll try to get to it asap, sorry about the delay!

- posted by Denaill | 6:11:00 PM

Saturday, January 17
Fanfiction on Beyond Evolution!

Everyone please welcome Maz! She's our brand new staff member and she's going to be in charge of fanfiction submissions! So many of you have written in asking for fanfiction on Beyond Evolution, and now it's here! If you have a story to submit, please check out the fanfiction pages for submission rules and information.

Also, just a note, Maz will be the only Beyond Staffer accepting submissions, so please be sure to send your stories to the correct address... infinity_x_forever@yahoo.co.uk with BeyondEvo_Fanfic in the subject line. And remember guys she's new here so be extra nice!! :)

Welcome aboard Maz!

- posted by Denaill | 8:03:00 PM

New Comics section and even more Screencaps

Nikko has been working on sending in summaries for the short lived X-Men Evolution Comics series. We have up guides for numbers 5-9 now, so be sure to check them out. More on the way soon! Thanks so much Nikko!

We also have new screencaps for Mindbender and Day of Reckoning I in the Image Gallery. Thanks Tate!!

- posted by Denaill | 1:45:00 PM

Thursday, January 15
Lots of new screencaps!

Tate has finished up the screencaps for three more episodes, Stuff of Heroes, Operation Rebirth, and Day of Reckoning II. Be sure to check them out in the Image Gallery! Thanks Tate!

- posted by Denaill | 5:09:00 PM

Tuesday, January 13
Not looking good...

"A decision on whether X-Men: Evolution will return for a fifth season has not been made yet, a representative of Kids' WB! told The Continuum at the TCA Winter Press Tour on Tuesday.

The network representative said that an announcement regarding the show's future should be made "soon."

Sources told The Continuum that at this point that the show's return is not impossible, but would be "a surprise."

X-Men: Evolution producers Greg Johnson and Boyd Kirkland are currently developing a new series for Cartoon Network, sources told The Continuum."

>>> Click here to discuss it now with other fans!

- posted by Denaill | 4:19:00 PM

Joyride Images Added

Meri has sent in the screencaps for Joyride (one of my all time favorite episodes!), you can check 'em out in the gallery.

Also, I went through all of the links and removed the dead ones. If you had a link to your site and it's not there any longer it's probably because it wasn't working for me when I tested.

- posted by Denaill | 2:21:00 PM

Friday, January 9
New DVD coming Feb. 10, X23 appears in NYX comics

Source: Toon Zone

Warner Home Video will release X-Men Evolution: Powers Revealed, the sixth volume of episodes from the Marvel animated series X-Men Evolution, on February 10, the company announced today. Toon Zone has details.

Also on Toon Zone news... X-23, the Wolverine clone who debuted in the Kids WB animated series X-Men: Evolution, is appearing in Joe Quesada's NYX, issue number three. Newsarama has a lengthy report on the subject, interviewing Quesada, artist Josh Middleton, and X-23's creator, Craig Kyle.

Discuss this news in The Marvel Animation Forum.

- posted by Denaill | 10:01:00 PM

Wednesday, January 7
Gallery Update

I've finished up the character images in the gallery today. Meri is still working on getting screencaps for the missing eps. As always if you find any broken links or images please send me a note and let me know and I'll get them fixed ASAP!

Thanks, hope you enjoy.

- posted by Denaill | 4:47:00 PM

Tuesday, January 6
New D-evolution Comics

Be sure to check out the latest D-evolution comics from Beth in our Humour section, "The Fight" parts 1 and 2.

- posted by Denaill | 11:25:00 PM

Sunday, January 4

Beyond is back and with an all new host. Thanks so much to everyone at Toon Zone for hosting the site! Beyond Evolution has been around since August of 2000, right before the show itself aired for the first time. So we're all long time fans here and we're here to share our Evolution obsession.

Be sure to check out our Episode Guides, Profiles, Image Gallery, and even Questions with some of the show creators answering some of the most asked questions about Evolution!

And there's more on the way! So watch for future updates. And while we're all waiting impatiently for that fifth season announcement you can head over to the Toon Zone Marvel Animation Forum and discuss Evolution and all of your favorite Marvel cartoons with other fans!

Finally, I'd like to introduce our staff for any of our new visitors. My name is Denaill and I'm the site owner. I take care of most of the site, including the news, episode guides, submissions, etc. If anyone needs to get in touch with me you can reach me at Denaill@lycos.com.

Meri makes most of our screencaps, avatars (coming soon!), and wallpapers. If you guys haven't seen her wallpapers you are really missing out! Tate and Alvin are in charge of video clips, and Tate also creates screencaps for the site. These guys do an amazing job and I can't wait to share some of their clips! And last, but never least is Brent who helps us out with our profiles and romance sections. Beyond has over 80 profiles thanks to Brent!

And special thanks to our former staff member Lilly for all of her hard work. You're going to be missed Lilly!

Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy the site!

- posted by Denaill | 2:01:00 AM

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by Spider-Man 8/16/07:

"...X-Men: TAS has The X-Men facing off against Sentinels and a couple of their teammates getting captured or killed. As for X-Men: Evolution it starts off at a High School Football game/Pep Rally. You know exactly what both of these series are about thanks to the first episode though X-Men: Evoluton does evolve as the series progresses."


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