Beyond Evolution


Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Powers: Camouflage
Affiliation: Morlocks
First Episode: X-Treme Measures
Must See Episodes: X-Treme Measures
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: None
Voiced by: Unknown

Facade seems to be a main member of the Morlocks. Like all of the Morlocks, very little is known about him. As a group the Morlocks do not trust anyone "topside" and if they have a problem they are not likely to ask for help, but will do their best to take of the problem themselves.

Facade can fade into any background and essentially disappear by matching his appearance to that of whatever he's standing in front of, and can blend in so well he's virtually invisible to the eye. He needs to be standing next to something to do this. He also seems to have the ability to "melt" into a solid surface, like the ground.

Beyond Evolution Copyright 2004 Denaill.