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X-Men Evolution Pinball Machine
Source: Diamond Comics:

Bring arcade excitement into your home with this freestanding electronic pinball machine (with mountable legs for tabletop play). With working lights, bumpers, ramps, and spinners, it also features LED electronic scoring for one or two players. Live action sound, multi-skill levels and tilt function add to realistic gameplay. Machine measures 32" x 20" x 11".

This one looked pretty cool, but I don't think it ever actually hit the market. Oh well...

X-Men Evolution Lunchbox

Not much info on this one, if anyone has any more details please send them in.

But I mean, who wouldn't want an Evolution lunchbox?

Amanda sent in this update:

I was on your website the other day and saw that you needed information on x-men lunch boxes, in the merchandise section. I know that wal*mart has these vinyl lunchboxes for about 6 dollars ((I have one myself which has become my purse)). They range from designs of all the x-men, to ones with just wolverine. They also come with a cool drink holder, that keeps your drink cold. Stylish and convenient!

by Spider-Man 8/16/07:

"...X-Men: TAS has The X-Men facing off against Sentinels and a couple of their teammates getting captured or killed. As for X-Men: Evolution it starts off at a High School Football game/Pep Rally. You know exactly what both of these series are about thanks to the first episode though X-Men: Evoluton does evolve as the series progresses."


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