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Who Am I Now?

Episodes - Rogue Recruit and Spykecam

I was able to get this song from an Evolution fan named Josh, here's his post from the forum telling about how he was finally able to find it...

"YAY just to let everyone know i did find the song its now a full song it is just 2 lines of vocals and some instrumental......but how i got it is a little strange the actually music composer for the show (William Anderson) read my post on here, then he emailed me looked the song up then sent it to me i was sooo happy to get it and at first i just thought that the guy emailing me was someone joking but it was surprisingly the real deal. - Josh"

So thanks to Josh and Mr. Anderson for providing us with the song!

Who Am I Now? (Rogue's Theme)
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Who Am I Now? Lyrics:
Who am I now?
Don't let me touch you, 'cause I might just take you down!
Who am I now?
A tough decision, that keeps on comin' 'round.

by Spider-Man 8/16/07:

"...X-Men: TAS has The X-Men facing off against Sentinels and a couple of their teammates getting captured or killed. As for X-Men: Evolution it starts off at a High School Football game/Pep Rally. You know exactly what both of these series are about thanks to the first episode though X-Men: Evoluton does evolve as the series progresses."


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