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Forty Questions with Boyd Kirkland

Boyd Kirkland is a producer and writer for X-Men: Evolution. Recently he answered questions from Evolution fans here in the Beyond Forum. Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Evolution characters and series. Thank you Boyd! Personal questions are located here on the first page, select a link for more questions and answers.

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Plot Questions

Why don't a bunch of minors like the Brotherhood (except maybe Lance) living together in an old house get taken away by social services or whatever? And how do they stay so financially independent?

That's a very good question. It probably has to do with Mystique having made arrangements with social services in one of her many guises.

Why did you all pick to use Bayville as the setting rather than Westchester, which is the location in the comics.

I can't remember how that decision was made.

One thing that has bothered me is the inconsistencies in the use of Nightcrawler's holo-watch. Sometimes he'll use it, and it'll just change his body, other times it changes his body and clothes. Is this just the fault of the animators, or something you guys can't make up your minds on?

It completely depends upon the needs of the story. We often have to cut corners like this in order to keep a story moving, without getting too bogged down with having to show characters running to get costumes, changing clothes, etc.

Will any other characters learn new skills in the future?

Of course! That's one of the reasons our show is called "Evolution."

In On Angel's Wings, Why does the sign say "Holiday trees?" instead of "Christmas trees?"

The sign originally said Christmas Trees, but the network told us to change it (political correctness run amok!).

Who do you consider to be the real bad guys? Most of the old fashioned bad-guy ideal has been put out of play in the show, and it's difficult to tell exactly who is a real force to be reckoned with. Even Apoc seems to be very similar to Rogue and Kurt when it comes to motivations.

I think you've hit on one of the things that makes our show more interesting, and gives it greater depth than most other shows of this type. Our characters are complicated, not just simplistic black and white caricatures, with believable motives for what they do. We can even empathize with the bad guys, although we recognize that their actions and choices are wrong or evil. And the good guys have flaws as well, often making mistakes, from which they'll hopefully learn and grow. This is more interesting story-telling. It is more like real life.

Many people on the forum have been hoping for things that happened in the comics e.g Phoenix, certain relationships (Rogue and Gambit) and characters. When Evo ends is everything going to be the same, or very similar, to the situation in the comics?

We are trying to pay homage to the comics, and thus often give nods to established character relationships, etc., but don't feel bound to follow it exactly. Just as we did with Batman, the Animated Series at Warner Bros., when you have years of material with an incredible array of approaches from different writers and artists, you just have to sift through it select what works best, and modify it as necessary. Also, since Kids WB asked us to make "X-Men light" keeping their young audience in mind, much of the comics material wouldn't be appropriate for the show, and they would never let us do it. Again, if this show were in prime-time rather than on Saturday morning, it would have much more of the stuff fans of the comics would like to see. How it will all end depends, of course, on whether the network and Marvel agree to produce more episodes after this season - a decision still yet to be made.

by Spider-Man 8/16/07:

"...X-Men: TAS has The X-Men facing off against Sentinels and a couple of their teammates getting captured or killed. As for X-Men: Evolution it starts off at a High School Football game/Pep Rally. You know exactly what both of these series are about thanks to the first episode though X-Men: Evoluton does evolve as the series progresses."


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