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Fifty Five Questions with Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is the head writer and a producer for X-Men: Evolution. Recently he answered questions from Evolution fans here in the Beyond Forum. Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Evolution characters and series. Thank you Greg! Select a link for more questions and answers.

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Miscellaneous Questions

Are you guys consulted or in any way related to the selections that were made for the action figures that Toy Biz released? or even the decision of making them? and will there be any new assortments?

Other than designs, we were not consulted. At this point, I don't believe there are any plans for more action figures.

Do you have any power over the DVD releases?

We have no power. Seriously, we've been interviewed for the one coming out, but we're not consulted on content. In other words, we have no power.

Were the comic stories written independently from the series, or did you have any say, possibly even pitched a few ideas which you yourself couldn't use in the animated series...

No, we had nothing to do with the art or the stories of the Evolution comic books.

What are your thoughts on an Evo Video Game? Have any of you thought of bringing that up? Or do you guys have little to no say in things like that?

We're not consulted on that.

Does Marvel have any other plans to put existing comic franchises into an 'Evo' format?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'Evo format'? If you mean making them younger, I really couldn't answer that. I know they are developing several of their properties into potential series.

by Spider-Man 8/16/07:

"...X-Men: TAS has The X-Men facing off against Sentinels and a couple of their teammates getting captured or killed. As for X-Men: Evolution it starts off at a High School Football game/Pep Rally. You know exactly what both of these series are about thanks to the first episode though X-Men: Evoluton does evolve as the series progresses."


Marvel Animation Age

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»Cryptic Darkness
»Daizenshuu EX »Kataclysm's X-Men
»Rebel with a Cause
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